Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shabby? Vintage?

Hello everyone! Today I have a card that I like. The "I" is italicized because not everyone in my house likes it. I showed it to my husband who promptly said, "well, other people will probably like it, but I don't". Nice. Thanks, honey! Way to get the self confidence up. Ugh. I was going for a shabby or vintage look. I have long seen other people pull off the look, but I haven't ever been able to before tonight. I'm not sure that's the way it looks, but that's what I was going for as I was making it. What do you think?

It's a short post tonight because we're having a Premier jewelry party here tomorrow night and I have not cleaned a thing..hee hee. Time to go clean, I guess. Talk to you guys tomorrow!

Oh wait!! I forgot about something!!!  Today, I received a Cherry on Top Blog Award from Laurie over at Soapbox Creations! Can you believe that?!?

I was so excited! Thank you so much, Laurie. This means so very much to me.  So, I am supposed to tell you guys something about myself. I'm sure if you have spent any time at all on my blog, you know that I am a serious Twilight Fan. I also love love love Harry Potter. I cannot WAIT for the movies to come out and I will be so so sad when the HP's are done next summer and then the Twilight series the following year. I just can't even think about it too long without being upset. I also love Fan Fiction. Some of the best things i have read out there have been fan fiction written by plain old people like me and you. Oh, and if you didn't already know this: I am a HUGE nerd! :)

I'm also supposed to show a picture. Here is one of me, Aaron, and Ava:

Not my favorite, but we don't take a lot of pictures for some reason. :)

Now, I want to pass this award on to 5 amazing bloggers: 

Debby @ Lime Doodle: I just started visiting her blog a couple of weeks ago, but she always has really cool stuff. I love her style. 

Kara @ KandRDesigns: She has totally fabulous stuff and is always thinking outside the box. 

Julie @ Stamps & Taxes: I've said it before and i'll say it again, she is super talented and such a sweet person. 

Nerina @ Nerina's Serendipity: She has a great, classic style. Always has very beautiful designs. 

and last but not least

Michele @ I Am Derby: I love the fun style of her cards...they make me smile just seeing them.

I had a really hard time making my list down to 5 bloggers. There truly is so much amazing work out there by some really talented people. 

Ok, I REALLY have to go now. Gotta clean up! I may not have a post tomorrow since i'll have guests, but i'll try! :)

Stamps: hello - Michael's dollar stamp
Card Stock: Lovely Lilac, Black (stampin up); Newsprint dsp (stampin up)
Ink: Black, Lovely Lilac (stampin up)
Extras: Pearls and wide striped ribbon (stampin up)

13 brownkowments:

Nerina said...

Keva! what a completely gorgeous card! Your ribbon treatment is totally amazing! and I love the mat stack 4 filled with text! Thank you SO much for the award! *thunk* ... now how sweet of you is that?? {{HUGS!!}}

IamDerby said...

I love this card! Men, what do they know! ;) Thanks for the award, super sweet and made my day.

Sue Ann said...

I love AVA!!! She is so beautiful ....... like her momma!!! Great "shabby" and I like that there is black and creme!!

Julie said...

Keva, you are WAY TOO CUTE! Thanks for the blog award. And BTW, I totally love the card. I'm not sure what hubby was thinking. I'm a little partial to the cream/white, black and pop of color, so this is PERFECT! And I love the ribbon too! I struggle with really wide ribbon for some reason!

OK, so about the digital paper...I haven't really formed a solid opinion yet but it does print beautifully. I was worried about that. No lines or anything. I have no idea how much ink it's using but to me it's worth the sacrifice. The patterns are gorgeous!!

Dana said...

I love your card Keva! While I personally wouldn't call it shabby or vintage, I like it the way it is. Love cream/black together and it rocks with purple! Those pearls are the perfect touch.

COngrats on your blog award! That photo is should take more! I have never read the twilight books, and I HATE fan fiction (but I've only read very little and mostly about my favorite characters Jamie and Claire fro the Outlander series), but I love knowing more about you!

Laurie said...

Keva I really like this! And I love the colors! AND I love Twilight too! If that makes me a nerd too, I am ok with it! LOL! So glad to see a pic of the fam! Ava is adorable!

Mariana said...

This is really great shabby card, don't listen to hubby, what do they know? I thinks is gorgeous and love your beautiful ribbon treatment and the mat stack with the print paper, lovely!

Jen Carter said...

Well, I certainly like it! I think it is so fun! LOVE the way you did the ribbon! Very cute!

Debby said...

First off Keva - wow love the card and in particular that ribbon! Second off - wow thanks for the blog award. So sweet of you and I am now going to proudly do my bit.


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