Monday, March 21, 2011

Goodbye..and Hello!

Hello!! Well, today I have some sad and happy news to share. My time at AmberInk is up and my torch is being passed. It has been so exciting working with everyone at AmberInk and I have had a complete blast learning to use the digital images and papers. It was never something I thought too much about before, but I must admit they are VERY cool!

I have decided to pass my torch on to a good blog buddy or mine and someone I think will do a really great job using the AmberInk lineup. Her name is Amy Everson! 

Amy's a great friend and blogger and I just know she will do a fantastic job with the AmberInk lineup!

Here is what the rest of the team is doing:

Pink Torch:

From Sue Cooper   to Mandi Moore

Brown Torch:

From Jen Lee to Tammy Hellstern 

Orange Torch:

From Cheryl Gorka  to Anita Madden

Purple Torch:

From Allison Fillo  to Jana Weaver

Be sure and stop by the AmberInk blog for more fun and announcements!

HUGE thanks again to Amber and's been a blast!

1 brownkowments:

Laurie said...

I can't believe your month is over already! You were an awesome torch bearer!! Great job girlfriend!


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