Monday, April 26, 2010

No card..just words

Can I just say that I had such high hopes for today. On my facebook status last night I wrote that I was ready for a wonderful week. Well, it's Monday morning and I am already living the opposite! Ugh!! I woke up at 6 this morning (I'm supposed to get up at 5:45) and even though I had my clothes picked out, I still had to wash my hair and get that mess under control! I stayed up way too late on the papertrey blog hop and then someone from out of state prank calls us about 2am. Really? Is this what it's come to now? With all of the technology we have out there - internet, video games, etc - people are reduced to 1986 modes of fun. Prank calling? Gosh.

Anyway, so I get up and out of the door and as we're leaving Ava's school I realize that I don't have Igor. Igor is my iPhone and we are inseparable. He's always by my side to entertain me, give me access to things I can't get from work, and take pictures indiscrimately when I'm bored. So, I look over at Aaron and this is how our conversation went:

Me: Oh, man..I left my phone at home!
Aaron: Hmm, oh well. You left it at home yesterday, too. Maybe you need Gingko.
Me: Well, are you going to turn around? (we're only 2 miles from home, folks!!)
Aaron: Nope. You'll just have to entertain yourself today...or I have an idea..why don't you just work?

Do you guys see what I have to deal with? Work? Pfftt...why would I do that all day? ;0)

Oh boss is out of town today, so I have no one to talk to and now I also have nothing to listen to. At least my hair looks nice. I would take a picture and show y'all, but..well, you Igor.

Oh! I do want to share with you guys this picture of my husband that I love.

He's NOT a smiler, by nature. Smiles are few and far between with him. This is a picture of him in Iraq the last time he was there and I find it so cute that he is smiling, but the thing that really struck me the first time I saw this picture was the fact that he is 1. In Iraq on a bike and 2. Not wearing a helmet. I mean, really? You're in the middle of a war zone riding a would think he would at least wear a helmet. Safety first, people!

Ok, well that's all for now. I'll be back later tonight with my card for the Mojo Monday sketch!

2 brownkowments:

Julie said...

Hi Keva, I'm sorry you left your iPhone at home today...I would DIE without mine!! I think I would've threatened his life if he didn't turn around!!!

Sue Ann said...

Well maybe the day did start on the downside but things are looking better with the shout out on your AMAZING one layer card!!! Your work is amazing and I need Gingko too :) The week can start over again tomorrow!!! You know the whole Annie song .......

The sun'll come out Tomorrow Bet your bottom dollar That tomorrow There'll be sun! Just thinkin' about Tomorrow Clears away the cobwebs, And the sorrow 'Til there's none! When I'm stuck a day That's gray, And lonely, I just stick out my chin And Grin, And Say, Oh The sun'll come out Tomorrow So ya gotta hang on 'Til tomorrow Come what may Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya Tomorrow! You're always A day A way!

Sue Ann aka Yankeefan PTI :)


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